Any recommendations for an LMS that integrates with HubSpot?

My HR director asked me how we can make this possible and I’m not sure what’s out there. 


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I heard HubSpot doesn't even use a HubSpot integrated LMS  🤔

😳 No way. I wonder if they use cohortium?

We use HubLMS (linked below) 👇

Learning Management System for HubSpot

Tell us more!

Us too! I love that it is a one-time purchase rather than a monthly fee.

Same - we love that it lives in the HubSpot CMS alongside our other website pages and landing pages so it’s easier to manage and report on.

Which version of HubLMS do you have?

We just started an integration project but I can’t recommend it… it’s taking forever to get this new platform up and running and we’ve gone through three developers trying to connect their API to HubSpot…dreadful. I wish we had found HubLMS before we got started. 

THANK YOU FOR ASKING THIS! We just started our search because we are tired of exporting lists and doing some wonky reporting in Google Sheets.

Great post