What’s the best methodology for setting goals?

We're going into a planning session next week and are wondering if there is a better way to create goals.

  • Are you following a framework or methodology?
  • Do you have a worksheet or modeling tool? 
  • Pros/Cons of different styles?

Discussion (5)

We like to use the SMART Goal Framework - focusing on goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. We find that this helps us “gut check” our goals and keep them in alignment with the company’s objectives. It also gives us the ability to call out a goal that isn’t realistic. 

We have started using “SMARTER” goals - the E and R are for “Evaluate” and “Readjust” - we started using this framework in 2020 when things went really sideways. Sometimes we need to pull back on our goals, but this also lets us move faster if our original SMART goal wasn’t challenging enough.

I just started reading about Goal Tree Maps - they’re a really cool hierarchy for developing supporting tactics that align with your big goal…every level asks the question, “what needs to happen in order to do that?” You start at the top and work your way down until … Chris Hohmann has some great resources. Here’s one of his videos: 


WOW I am going to read up on this more! 🤩

OKRs have worked really well for us. The “Objectives and Key Results” framework is the foundation for everything… even our comp plans!