What is your top RevOps goal this year?

I’m interested to hear about what everyone is working on and working to accomplish.

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We are in the middle of a digital transformation initiative to get our CX team out of spreadsheets and into HubSpot. It’s proving challenging - I feel like we are adding too many custom properties. 

Have you thought about using custom objects for 2-3 key areas instead of properties? It might help them organize and help you build better reports.

Are you giving your customers access to any customer portals with the information you’re moving into the system?

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@danmoyle It does sound like you're adding to properties.

We have BIG goals and are seeking investments - so my objective is to show the ROI and scalability of our marketing efforts and model our predictable future revenue for the executive team. 

Do you have any reports you can share that are helping you get there?

Did you need to custom-build anything in the CRM to enable this? 

I did! 👍  We added a few checkbox properties to help segment revenue data. It’s been really helpful to have these filters in HubSpot’s custom reports builder. 

How is your team adapting to this? 

We’ve needed to have a few checks and balances on the operations side, but I’d say we have about 70% adherence right now. That’s OK with our current volume, but we’re always looking for ways to make this easier. 

Have you thought about how you might use workflows? 

Alignment around teams.

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